Care Home Fees

Concerned about paying for residential Nursing Home or Dementia Home fees?

We can help people concerned about residential Care Home Fees:

  1. If you, a friend or relative are in a Care Home, Nursing Home or Dementia Care Home and you are concerned about paying the fees and losing any assets then we can advise you.
  2. You would like to plan for your future care – We can prepare a Preservation of Family Assets Plan.

The financial support for people who require permanent or temporary residential support in a Care Home, Nursing Home or Dementia Home is a complex issue. Your home may be used as collateral by the Local Authority and it is important to plan ahead to protect your assets.

Is my home at risk?

If your partner requires care and you remain in the family home then the asset is exempt but on the death of that person or in the event they also need residential care then the home becomes an asset that the local authority can use to pay for the ongoing fees.

By planning ahead through the use of trusts and asset transfers you can plan to leave your assets for your children or beneficiaries. We do this through a Preservation of Family Asset Plan.

Next steps and typical costs

The costs vary depending on your circumstances so please book a consultation, which can be made in person on remotely, please call us or complete our form.

We will usually charge per hour and depending on the complexity of the case.

Preservation of Family Asset Plan

We provide a range of services for people looking to protect their assets and plan for care in their retirement, we offer general advice on all these related areas and can put together a comprehensive plan that gives you peace of mind and a tax-efficient financial plan covering:

  • Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Building trusts to preserve assets
    • e.g. ensuring your partner, children and step-children are protected on your death and receive their share of your estate.
  • Advice on Care Home fees
    • Preservation of the family home – your home may be at risk from the local authority to pay for fees.
  • Equity release
    • Should you take out additional finance based on your home? We ill explain the impact on your potential income and what may be left for descendents to inherit.

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